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Car News - Trends in electric vehicles at this time if not unstoppable and seemingly every car manufacturers are competing to make electric cars. after success with the Chevrolet Volt electric car and Nissan with Leaf, this time Taiwan carmaker also presented Neora Electric Concept.

Cars that appear in the event of Shanghai International Motor Show 2011 that took the form of a futuristic sedan saloon. Neora Design has a fine line and beautiful, so even the interior section, designed to combine luxury with a Head-up display in front of the driver, a monitor 9 ", which can exchange information with other vehicles while serving a guide direction.

Front-wheel drive car is armed with a 180 kw electric motor. Neora kpj to accelerate from 0-100 in 6.5 seconds. Sedan weighing 1600 kg is also capable of running up to 250 kpj invited.

"Neora represent Luxgen, his form was hinted car of the future. It's very sleek and innovative as well as lack of fuel. This is an update about the future of energy saving technologies, said Vice President of HAITEC from Yulon, James Shyr.

Neora also equipped with lithium-ion battery is 48 kWh that could be invited to tour up to 400 km before it needs recharging.

"Neora as a sign Luxgen to step forward and be able to create future products,"explains James. Unfortunately not yet clear when the car is produced and thrown into the market so the price.

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